Hello There,

My name is Josh Bradley & I invited you to this website today so you could learn more about me as well as see if partnering together might be a good fit for you right now. Anytime you are looking into a business opportunity you should also be looking into the person sponsoring you so I hope this website gives you some insight as to where I'm coming from as a person and home based entrepreneur.

My Personal Background...

I was born and raised northwest Montana and currently reside in north central Idaho. I've been married for 6 years and my wife and I recently welcomed our first child into the world. A little baby girl named Willa.

Although I've traveled many places and lived in Boise, Spokane and Las Vegas I prefer the slower pace of life that the country provides.

I love to fish, travel, play sports and coach. I run a youth sports program in our area that provides young kids the chance to play football, baseball and softball. I also coach both high school and Babe Ruth baseball.

I worked my last "Real Job" at the age of 22 and have been self-employed, building businesses from home ever since. My wife is a photographer and online entrepreneur who also enjoys working from home.

My Home Business Background...

First off, I've been involved with network marketing & direct sales for the last 13 years and been a full time home based entrepreneur for the last 10 years. I discovered network marketing my second year of college and was absolutely floored by the concept. Although I never made any real money with that flagship venture, the entrepreneurial bug was planted and I knew that working for myself was the thing for me.

As I progressed more and more into the network marketing concept I soon learned how easy it is to lose money quickly if you don't know what you’re doing. This prompted me to treat my networking business like an actual business and get the training I would need to find success. I soon immersed myself into lead generation, sales education and online marketing training. Although the money I lost from trial and error that first few years was around 20 to 30 grand, what I learned throughout that period propelled me to the financial success I currently enjoy.

Armed with the proper knowledge and training I spent the next few years building a couple of different network marketing businesses. I built rather large teams that fueled my commission checks to levels I had never seen before. Unfortunately both these companies went out of business and I was again left searching for the right home.

Needing a little break from MLM I decided to dive into other areas of the online entrepreneurial world. Over a 3 year timespan I successfully launched a software company, MLM lead company and small business marketing company, two of which are still in business today.

During this time I also ventured into affiliate marketing and currently have a portfolio of about 50 websites that earn income from Google AdSense, Click bank, Amazon and other affiliate programs. Although I love affiliate marketing, it also has its ups and downs and I've seen $100 a day websites get wiped out overnight because Google decides to change its algorithm or the way they rank sites.

Although I consider myself a "multiple streams of income" type guy, I've always been drawn to networking because of the power of leverage. It's one of the only business models where you can do the work once and get paid on it residually.

What I'm Doing Now...

After a few years’ hiatus from building any network marketing company, I was recently intrigued with the explosive growth of an opportunity called Paycation. With my experience in the industry I was drawn to this company because of the people who are behind it and the product is something that every person on the planet desires more of...  Travel, time and freedom!

The product that Paycation offers is a comprehensive program that allows you to do three things.

1. Become a Certified Travel Consultant.
2. Save money plus earn commissions on your own travel.
3. Earn money when other people travel.

They also put a kick butt compensation plan together for anyone who wants to share the opportunity with others.

Unlike other companies that offer a travel type product, Paycation is powered by Priceline Group, Expedia's Elite Travel Agent & Affiliate Program, Booking.com, Kayak.com, Open Table.com, Car Rentals.com & MasterCard. These are the largest travel marketing companies in the world!

In order to get more information about Paycation I want you to do three things:

#1 - Watch the 14 minute Paycation opportunity video:


#2 - View the 15 minute Paycation Travel "Infinity Code x 100% Match Overview

This is the video that Network Marketers think rocks! The truth is that Paycation is simpler and pays you more money. During April 2015 the Paycation travel compensation model paid out 81.35% and 25,000 new consultants have enrolled during the last 11 months.

#3 - Review my Paycation website at: http://xplosive.paycation.com
Why partner with me?

When I set out to build a networking business I don't mess around. I've been involved with all aspects of the home business industry for several years and I have learned to only work with self-starters who have the same ambition and drive as I do. I reached out to you specifically because I know that you have both network marketing experience and the desire for more time, money and freedom.

I'm looking for motivated individuals who have a vision and want to work with the best. By partnering with my team I will help you avoid the problems and pitfalls that most networkers run into. I can show you the right people to talk to about the business as well as provide you with leads and a game plan for success. Since your success is my success in Paycation, I am personally invested in helping you start generating checks as soon as possible.

What Next?

After watching the Paycation videos you might have some questions. I'm happy to answer them for you and you can reach me by phone at (406) 250-1594 or on Skype at josh-bradley. If you've reviewed this information and have no interest please respond to the original email I sent you and let me know. That way I won't waste your time and you won't waste mine.

Thanks for your time today & I look forward to possibly working with you soon!

Josh Bradley

Phone:  406-250-1594
Skype:  josh-bradley